A Fresh Start

It’s the beginning of a new school year for most people but I have decided to take a year off and will now be graduating in 2015 (Good luck to all the awesome people of my former class of 2014!).

The main reason for my gap year is to try a few different working environments to figure out what I want to do after graduation. Since making this decision, I’ve thought about other things that I want to accomplish during my time away from school. This includes another attempt at blogging!


Including posting about what I find interesting, I want this blog to be a place where I write about what’s going on in my life. I’d like it to be a personal record for me while also speaking to people willing to listening.

To start off, here’s an update on where I currently exist in the world:

My name is Sarah Hum and I am an aspiring designer in the world of tech. As previously mentioned, I have decided to take a year off from school. Otherwise, I would be studying in the York University & Sheridan College Joint Program in Design.

This past summer, I was a UX design intern at Google and this fall, I will be a product design intern at Facebook. I am in sponge mode, ready to absorb the knowledge of the consistent flow of top talent around me. More on this later.

In February 2013, I co-founded 42, a predictive analytics platform for the modern retail brand. We have a rockstar team and being in an early-stage startup is pretty exciting. More on this later.

Other than all that serious stuff, I am trying to take advantage of my youth and the places I’ll be fortunate to explore this year. I can be found away from my desk on the weekends, probably with a camera around my neck and/or attached to my head.

But more on everything later.


Happy International World Water Day!

I won’t deny it, I’m cheap. That’s why, when it came to making business cards, I went with the cheapest method I could think of. Doodles are from my project 365.

Black and white print off my home printer.

Hand-made stamp with my logo.

Total cost: almost nothing.


Colour Matching Game

By Method of Action (makers of KernType)

www.sarahhum.com v3

Viewpoint Creative - Holiday Card from Viewpoint Creative on Vimeo.

Hahahah, Merry Christmas!

Paper sculpture by Calvin Nicholls.

I really like this paper stuff AND Nicholls graduated from Sheridan Design. REPRESENT.

Awesome paper design by Yulia Brodskaya.